About Jvrauto

Company Profile

Our goal here at JVR AUTO SERVICE STATION LLC is to help our customers based in Dubai, Fujairah, and the greater UAE with their tire and vehicle-related requirements. Here are some reasons why you should choose to partner with JVR AUTO.

Our Tire Segment

Jvrauto focuses on the daily distribution of premium brand tires of the following segment:

Passenger Cars


4 X 4 Cars

Bringing together a wealth of experience, our senior management and staff have been instrumental in the growth and success of JVR Auto. Our commitment, expertise and knowledge in our trade help us deliver the best to our valued customers.

Vision & Mission


Be a leader in the tire and accessories distribution business through high quality brands and excellent sales & service.


The mission of JVR Auto is to provide its customers with the best quality tires and services for improving the quality and safety of their vehicles. Our mission is to maintain a perfect blend of customer relations with the finest quality of tires supply and services