Service Description

Brakes & Suspension

To remain safe on the road and to protect your vehicle, it is essential to get your vehicle’s brakes and suspension checked regularly. Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of a car, as it permits the driver to stop the vehicle if and when he wants. If you’ve experienced a brake failure or heard horror stories of brake’s failing, you’ll know why it is crucial to maintain your car’s braking system properly. Similar to the braking system, your vehicle’s suspension system is composed of a series of components that help to minimize the vibration and undulations from the road surface and thereby guaranteeing a smooth ride. If these are not in good shape, it can cause your tires to bounce off the road and minimize its stopping distance, which in turn results in a higher chance for collision. If you are in search of brake or suspension repair service in Dubai, then we here at jvrauto can help! With expertly developed repair packages provided at cost-effective prices, we are sure to get your problems sorted in a quick and hassle-free manner.